Acquisition and structuring

We are expert at purchasing assets at below market rate and then using our expertise to create significant value for us and our stakeholders. We have deep knowledge of creating the capital structures that will most effectively unlock a project’s potential and deliver maximum returns to investors. Through detailed financial modelling, we forensically cashflow every aspect of the development to make sure we exceed our target returns. Our extensive experience and unrivalled network of industry contacts mean we can source development opportunities long before they’re formally brought to market.

Due diligence

We undertake rigorous and expansive due diligence on every aspect of our development before we commit to a transaction, including rights of light, planning, ground investigations, archaeology, build costs, inflation forecasting, market demand, unit type analysis, and buyer demographic studies. We create detailed sensitivity analyses to ensure that even if things go wrong, we will still make a strong return.


We’re constantly looking to add value to the projects we develop through the planning process. Using the breadth of our experience in prime central London markets, having successfully obtained over 250 planning consents, we have a detailed understanding of what will be acceptable to each local authority and ensure that our designs maximise value within those constraints. We have extensive knowledge of the viability process and use this to reduce Section 106 obligations wherever possible. Valouran demand’s excellence from all of its suppliers and professionals working together in a highly positive and collaborative way to deliver the optimal outcome for the project.


Exceptional design and attention to detail is at the forefront of everything we do. We combine our in-house design expertise with world-leading architectural practices to deliver some of the UK’s most iconic developments. We always design our interiors first so that we can achieve the best layouts, views and flow of light and space – this after all is what drives maximum value. We design exterior architecture to speak sympathetically to the property’s location and history and we ensure that interior and exterior come together seamlessly to create homes that are sophisticated, timeless and elegant.

Procurement and Construction

The company has vast experience of procurement and construction. Having delivered projects with a combined construction value of over £1.7bn, the team at Valouran have a highly proactive and commercial mindset in the way they manage the construction process. They are Incredibly detailed and hands on and assertively work with the entire supply chain to deliver construction projects in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

With detailed knowledge of a wide range of procurement and construction methodologies we work with the best professional teams and contractors in a positive and concerted manner to deliver the most luxurious homes in a way which drives a pricing premium to maximise returns for us and our partners. No two projects are the same and we tailor our construction approach accordingly, with a focus on sustainability, safety, cost and impeccable quality.

Sales and marketing

We firmly believe that having a clear sales and marketing strategy right from the outset is a key driver of sales success and creates substantial value. Attracting buyers at this level demands an unparalleled marketing experience. We create world-leading, sales and marketing suites that deliver high levels of off-plan sales for our developments and record-breaking prices.