At Valouran, we demand the best from our staff and from the teams we collaborate with, exceeding expectations by insisting on excellence in everything we do. Our success lies in our obsession with the smallest details, be it the finer points of a financial model or the direction of the grain on a hardwood floor. Every project we work on is completely bespoke and tailored to its specific needs to maximise value for our stakeholders. Over the years, our dedication to the highly specialist prime residential property sector has given us a unique insight into what homeowners want, and how to deliver to their most exacting standards.


We run Valouran on principles of honesty and trust, applying integrity not just to our business dealings but also in our interactions with the communities in which we develop. Rather than opt for the easiest or cheapest route, our philosophy has always been to do what’s right for a particular project. Just as a team must work in synchronisation for a project to succeed, so must each component of a room, the relationship between the interior and exterior of a building, and the connection with its surroundings. By taking this approach, we create beautiful buildings of impeccable pedigree that will become the listed buildings of the future.


London is one of the greatest cities in the world, and our love for it runs deep. We believe that through the exceptional schemes we deliver, we have an important role to play in preserving and contributing to the capital’s unique and irreplaceable character. We are extremely passionate about creating buildings of the very highest qualify with impeccable design and taste. We think carefully and creatively about every single aspect, always taking our lead from the customers who will live in the homes we create. At Valouran we take courageous decisions and always have a clear vision for every project we work on. We have the relentless tenacity required to bring that vision to life.