We take our responsibilities to people and the planet very seriously. We recognise the critical role that real estate plays in global carbon emissions and we actively ensure that the way we develop our projects is sustainable. We believe delivering on our ESG obligations is vital, not only in terms of our responsibility to future generations, but also to the success of our investment strategy.


We’re committed to doing business in a fair, ethical, and sustainable way, and to building strong relationships with our funders, partners, colleagues and the communities in which we operate.

Our approach to sustainability is focused on achieving real change through setting challenging and measurable targets across our business. We seek to deliver these targets for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

Engagement with stakeholders

Valouran openly accepts its obligation to operate as a good corporate citizen and recognises that broader stakeholder recognition is integral to our long-term success.

A stakeholder engagement policy was adopted by the Board in 2022 and is embedded in day-to-day operations, with each employee being given a personal ESG objective as part of their performance targets. This policy ensures key decisions at a Board level take account of all stakeholders.

For every project we work on, our goal is always to:

Improve the quality of life for those who live in and around our schemes

Minimise carbon emissions

Reuse materials wherever we can

Maximise energy efficiency

Use most sustainable construction methods and materials

BREEAM is an international scheme that provides independent third-party certification of the sustainability performance of individual buildings, communities and infrastructure projects. Valouran strive to achieve a BREEAM rating of 'Outstanding' or 'Excellent' on every project we deliver.

Wherever possible, Valouran reclaims the materials from building sites and endeavours to re-use them. This emits far less carbon. Valouran aims to reduce carbon emissions by 50% when compared to building regulations, well in excess of the 35% required by the London Plan.

We monitor and measure our resource consumption to identify efficiencies and seek to reduce our carbon emissions footprint by reducing energy use and associated costs and by facilitating the transition to greener energy use wherever possible. Valouran strives to ensure that each property it develops receives a minimum EPC grade of B or above by 2025.

Promoting biodiversity and greening London

Biophilia (the love of nature and living things) connects all human beings to the wider world and Valouran endeavor to re-green the urban landscape for the enhancement of our owners’ and residents’ mental and physical wellbeing as well as the benefit to society as a whole. On average, our developments are delivering a 200% biodiversity net gain, helping to support London’s urban ecosystems.

We strive to make a positive impact. The exceptionally high quality of our design and build means our developments enhance and preserve London’s unique architectural heritage, enriching our great city for those who live here today, and for many generations to come.