Valouran have vast experience of residential development. The team have successfully bought, financed, built and sold more than £2.7 billion of residential real estate, delivering our investors a net IRR of over 20%.

With over 35 years of expertise developing properties in London and globally, Valouran have an unrivalled knowledge of how to maximise the value from a property. We have successfully obtained over 250 planning consents driving significant profit for our stakeholders. The team have a unique and diverse skillset which encompasses deep expertise in all of the key disciplines required to make development a success:

Strong track record of raising capital

Having successfully raised over £2 billion of Capital the founders have a profound understanding of how to finance and structure  property transactions to optimise returns.

Across more than 60 major property financings, Valouran have demonstrated a strong pedigree of raising capital from banks, funds, family offices and other stakeholders into all parts of the capital stack. This knowledge is used to provide Valouran’s partners with an asymmetric risk reward profile which provides strong downside protection whilst also allowing Investors to benefit significantly from all upside.

Minimising development costs

Valouran have a laser focus on cost control. The firm is exacting in its approach to managing out cost risk. The team take a highly forensic approach to budgeting and they structure contracts with suppliers and contractors in a way which ensures as much risk transfer as possible.

The company has huge experience in value engineering and ensure that every single spending decision is rigorously analysed using a strict “return on investment” framework. Valouran only invests a pound if it delivers more than the required return.

Attention to every design detail

The team at Valouran are masters of design having carefully and meticulously designed more than 2 million square feet of luxury residential real estate. They obsess about optimising layouts and creating spaces that are sophisticated, timeless and elegant.

Architecture in the DNA

Exceptional architecture is at the core of every Valouran project. Whether reimagining a heritage building or the creating a modernist masterpiece, the team are always striving to design buildings which will become modern icons and Listed Buildings of the future.

The team’s knowledge of the prime residential market is unmatched and they have developed more square feet in this sector over the last decade than any other developer in London.

Best in class sales and marketing

Valouran operate a world leading sales and marketing function. Every aspect of the sales journey is meticulously considered and choreographed to maximise value. At Twenty Grosvenor Square, the team created the finest sales and marketing experience of any property project in the world. With the new sales centre at The Whiteley, it has gone further still and redefined how property is marketed and sold.

The results are unequivocal: across its last four developments, Valouran has achieved prices which are more than 52% higher than local market comparables, driving substantial additional profits for investors and stakeholders.